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Medicine and pharmacy require special high-quality plastic articles that are used for the application of different dosage forms, for the dosage of medicines or – such as suspension devices for infusion bottles – in daily clinical practice.

We meet the high demands placed on our products by using modern machine technology, regularly trained employees and a functioning quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

schägner GmbH

clean room.

We have been assembling some of our “Pharma” products in the clean room since 1991.
In 2021, we expanded our clean room capacity and commissioned a new clean room of class 8 according to DIN 14644 with approx. 500 m². Due to the location of the clean room, it is now possible to transport the products manufactured in production into the clean room via encapsulated conveyor belts.

best equipped.

Modern machine technology with integrated testing stations are just as indispensable for product quality as trained and qualified personnel.

The assembly and packaging equipment used meets the highest pharmaceutical standards and is a prerequisite for high-quality products. 

Netstal Elion 2200-1000

Modern and high-precision injection moulding machines are a basic requirement for process-reliable production with stable production parameters.
As an example, two Netstal Elion 2200 are positioned directly at the clean room. This allows the manufactured products to be transported via an encapsulated conveyor belt into the clean room for further processing. In addition, these two machines are equipped with a clean room laminar flow add-on module. 

machine park

Our machine park currently comprises 27 high-precision and efficient injection moulding machines with guard locking from
60 – 420 tons (600 – 4200 kN).

our product range.

We provide our partner with a comprehensive service for the product. From the first exchange of ideas, to the planning, development and manufacture of the production tool, to the production and packaging of the product, “everything happens under one roof”. 

Standard products, such as our applicators for cream or tablets or rectal cannulas, are supplied to leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

In addition, customer-specific special products have been developed and manufactured over the past 40 years. Examples include: special applicators for capsules and tablets, tubes for liquid medicines in the field of veterinary medicine, dosing spoons and infusion bottle holders. 

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